Saturday, May 6, 2017

Carthagina Island making Town Line history.

 Current Geopolitical Maps(below) with Bedford/Manchester NH Town Line incorrectly running down the middle of Carthagina Island.

 Managing Carthagina Island.  Our Posterity Recovery Ministry of Gorham, NH has discovered that the Bedford/Manchester Town Line was changed in the early 20th century without the voters approving it as prescribed by NH State Laws.   

The 1905 US Geological Survey map(below) and Ward 9 map(above) of Manchester NH from the 2011 Bedford/Manchester town line perambulation data showing the town line as being on the west edge of Carthagina Island.  Putting the boundary down the center or thread of the Merrimack River using modern survey tools.

1905 US Geological Survey map Carthagina Island.

 After researching Tax and Town Charter information.  The offices of both the Town of Bedford and the City of Manchester agree that the town line should be restored to it's correct location, the center of the Merrimack River.  "Carthagina Island has never been taxed by the Town of Bedford", it is not in their jurisdiction either.  But was historically part of the town of Derryfield incorporated September 3, 1751 and it's name changed to Manchester on June 13, 1810(see below). Work is being done by the City of Manchester Surveyor's office to show the correct position of the town line and that the whole of Carthagina Island inside the boundary of Manchester NH.
 Town Line perambulation Bound 23 performed by Bedford and Manchester.

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